Create a Custom Chatbot from your
Website in 2 minutes

Create a Chatbot that learns directly from your website or documentation. Simply enter your URL or Sitemap and get a ChatGPT-like Chatbot for your website.

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Easily set up your Chatbot in 2 minutes

Custom ChatGPT for Your Website

Let your users chat with your website

Make your whole website easily accesable through an easy-to-use chatbot that uses your whole website to answer any question your customers might have. 

Reduce the load on your support team and create your intelligent chatbot now! 

Chatbot for documentations


How Knowbo helps you handle all customer requests

Always up-to-date

As your company’s website changes, your chatbot updates its knowledge base so it always has the most current information

No additional training

Your chatbot learns from your company’s website, making it a hassle-free solution for your customer service needs

Chat history

Keep track on how your Chatbot performs and visit past conversations from your users

Easy deployment

Your chatbot can be deployed quickly and easily on your website, without the need for complex coding or technical skills

How it works

Create your own chatbot in 2 minutes


Simply give Chatbot the URL of the sitemap of your website and it will automatically learn everything. 

Your Chatbot can:

  • Automatically add new pages from your sitemap
  • Update knowledge frequently
  • Only learn from selected URLs you specify
Knowbo - Chatbot for documentations Set up screenshot
Knowbo - Chatbot for documentations Set up screenshot


Every website is different and it’s important that your Chatbot fits your brand and CI. This is why you can fully customize your Chatbot to perfectly fit in with your website!

Simply customize your Chatbot with the following settings:

  • Colors
  • Chatbot Image
  • Texts
  • Logo
  • Chat Icon


To embed your personal Chatbot on your website you don’t need advanced developer skills. You simply need to embed the code in the <body> tag of your website and your Chatbot is ready to go!

This is how you embed your Chatbot on your website:

  1. Create a Chatbot
  2. Copy the created code snippet
  3. Insert the code snippet above the closing </body> tag of your website
Knowbo - Chatbot for documentations Set up screenshot
Knowbo - Chatbot for documentations Set up screenshot


All done! Your Chatbot now is able to answer your customers questions directly from your website. Don’t let users browse your website for minutes and offer them a nice and easy way to ask their questions and help them in a matter of seconds!

Ready to revolutionize your customer experience?


Choose your plan

Find the fitting plan for your business and documentation!


Small websites with only a couple of pages of documentation 





For companies with larger websites and documentations





For companies with multiple documentations and websites





Got any questions?

The chatbot integrates with your existing website by using the URL of your sitemap. It automatically learns from your website and updates its knowledge base accordingly.

Yes, the chatbot supports multiple languages that match the language of your documentation.

The chatbot stays up-to-date by automatically adding new pages from your website and frequently updating its knowledge if you want it to.

The chatbot can be easily embedded on your website by inserting the provided code snippet in the <body> tag of your website, making it compatible with various platforms.

You can customize the chatbot’s colors, image, texts, logo, and chat icon to match your brand and website.

The chatbot learns directly from your company’s website, which helps it handle complex or ambiguous questions.

The chatbot learns from your company’s website, so it should be able to understand company-specific terminology and jargon.

The onboarding process involves four steps: training your chatbot using the sitemap URL, customizing the chatbot’s appearance, embedding it on your website, and finally, having the chatbot assist your customers.

We are confident in the value and effectiveness of our AI-powered chatbot for your website, and we want you to experience it risk-free. That’s why we offer a 7-day free trial period for all our pricing plans. You can enjoy all the features included in your chosen plan without providing any payment details during the trial period.

We are looking to help all customers and users regardless of what plan they are on. However we offer priority support for our Expert and Ultimate plan to ensure top notch support for these customers.

When you reach your maximum messages (only Free and Starter plans), now new users on your website will be able to start a chat. The currently active chats however will still be active to ensure that users currently chatting with your bot are not “kicked out”.